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    Is it possible for me to access my Android phones root files from my computer?

    Hello, so i recently purchased a goophone. I've been tinkering with some system files to try and change the damn launcher which seems to be incredibly persistent.
    Anyways, i screwed up, and now when ever i start up the device, the lock screen shows like normal, but when i unlock it, i'm confronted with the following message.
    The application Holo Launcher
    (processcom.mobint.hololauncher) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.
    Force close
    Pressing force close only brings up the error again because it keeps trying to open Holo Launcher.
    I know exactly what the problem is, and i know exactly how to fix it; if only i could access the root files some how.

    My device is rooted.
    My device does not have USB debugging enabled.

    Is there a way i can access the root of my Android device from my computer?

    Thank you

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    I know its not the best option, but does your recovery have a file browser? I use TWRP which has a file browse, def not my first 10 choices to use, but if i need to get something done and its my only option, then ill use it. Not sure if you can install TWRP on that device or not.

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    This could be awkward, depends on the version of Android.
    Unfortunately, for more compatibility with Windows, more recent versions of Android insist on reporting as a media device unless you set them to use USB storage - and they revert every bloody time. *If* you can connect as USB storage it is simple (especially in Linux). Open the phone in file browser, this mounts the phone, and you have shell access to cd into phone and run commands.
    Pity you don't have USB debugging enabled.
    adb shell on a rooted phone gives you a root shell

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    i am able to ssh into my galaxy-s2 and navigate the fones filesystem.

    i use sshdroid to make the fone into an ssh server.

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    Not on my G2, only data files are available for access on my PC. Free to Transfer Files Among Popular Brand Mobile Phones. Best solution for transferring data between iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry. Transfer contents include contacts, messages, call histories/logs, music, photos, videos, apps, calendars and more.

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    I cant give you a link were u can read how to do it. But you can try to search in Youtube and much easier to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennor View Post
    Android transfer tool can transfer and backup everything from your Andorid to computer. With it, you can access your root files easily. Just have a try.
    I also agree to this that, Android tool will help you to transfer backup from android phones to computer.

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    Yes it is possible to do that. I used a tool to do that back in the day but can't remember its name now.

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    LEO Privacy Guard Version 3.0 is the best to secure your devices. Have you tried it out yet?

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