Hi there,

I am using HTC One X, but this also happen on my Asus Fonepad.
I've been using network only location for long time since the Nokia S60 which without GPS, that worked great although only coarse accuracy given, that is good enough for me, at least I know I am traveling the correct direction. I keep using this on my Android device and worked too until recently, the map did not update after I travel over 20KM range, I can't get the location until I turn on the GPS, or go off/on line again, the same problem on my Asus connected via the same 3G carrier. The map location did update but randomly, made it completely useless for navigation. But strange is that, my other location aware apps seems to work fine, ie. local weather and location reminder for example. I checked with my carrier and as expected they did not see any problem on their side, and I uninstalled the map update, clean all cache....etc. but still the same problem, I wonder if there is other better map apps and locatoin service I can use, the Google map update really sucks and limited features, I want the old one back that's why I uninstalled the updates, but it seems there is no way to only disable map update right ?