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    Angry Can not delete applications from samsung Galaxy Ace

    I purchased a new samsung Ace and I found 3 applications I did not want it on my cell so I tried to deleted them or uninstall them but no way
    I tried by rooting my cell also no way
    they are read only and I can not change their mode
    what I can do???????

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    Freeze them

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    Install Titanium Backup and then u can uninstall the default apps.

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    Thank you very much ibshar

    this app ( Titanium ) is a magic app

    after three months of trying to delete or uninstall thees app by rooting the cell and many many of app and command throw the terminal or Dos.

    after install this app in few second I could uninstall thees app very easy

    thank you very very much again

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    Hi Again

    if I have the same app on samsung galaxy wave II how I can uninstall them

    thank you in advance

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