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    How to transfer contract from Samsung to Computer

    I have an Samsung glaxy 3 , My Samsung have some contract want to transfer,due to work of purpose, so I would like to transfer my contract from Samsung to my Computer,However.I tried it on,I can't transfer the contract from my Samsung to my Computer,How to Transfer photos from my Samsung to my Computer?Can you give me any advice?thanks!

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    Oh, i have already transfer android contacts to computer with 3 steps , you can have a look if you need to transfer contacts to computer . Install a transfer tools on a computer --Connect android phone to computer --Select and start to move data between android and computer ,The key is you use what transmission tool, i have been using Android Data Rescuer ,

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    Hope you already what you was looking for. But if you can't understand what to do by reading those articles, I suggest you to watch a YouTube video. Video tutorials are much more effective and easier way to understand.

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    To backup samsung phone contacts to computer, you can use an app to help, just few simple clicks to transfer data from your phone to computer, i think it's more convenient and safer.

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    Android data backup app is a kind of special designed app to transfer everything from your phone to computer, and you don't need to root your phone, just need enable usb debugging on your phone.
    how to transfer samsung data to computer

    how to transfer contacts from samsung phone to computer

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    Now you need a tool to transfer contacts from Samsung to computer. Apart from using Samsung Kies ,you can also try Samsung Backup witch can help you transfer contacts,messages,photos,music to computer with no hassle.

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    The best way to transfer Samsung contacts is to use Kies alternative Assistant for Android. The backup and restore feature can do a full backup of all your Android phone data and you can view the contact backup file selectively.
    how to transfer text messages from samsung phone to computer

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    I think you need to use Android Transfer program. It can connect your Samsung phone easily and transfer files from Samsung smart phone to computer directly. Learn how to transfer contact from Samsung to computer. Besides contacts, you can also transfer messages, photos, videos, music and other document files from your Samsung phone to computer.

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