That was fast. Just weeks after the official launch of Android 4.4 KitKat, HTC has already delivered an update for the Google Play Edition of the HTC One to Google. Now its just a matter of Google approving the update and pushing it out.

HTC announced the delivery of the update on Friday via Twitter: Good news, weve delivered KitKat code to Google for HTC One GPE. Timing of push via PlayStore to be determined by Google.

Kudos to HTC for delivering the update so quickly. Many other manufacturers have still not committed to a timeline, so its nice know that at least some users out there should be seeing an update in the near future. Then again, the whole point of these Google Play Edition devices is to use a relatively stock version of the Android software, which makes it substantially easier to update. Still, Samsung has yet to announce an update to KitKat for the Galaxy S 4 Google Play Edition or otherwise.
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