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    how to extract system.img with yaffs2 file system: 8K 24bits/1K mkyaffs2image version: Linux-2.6.35 Nand controller V504

    Hi, I got a system.img . I want to extract the content of it. tried many tools , unfortunately, I have no lucky. can anyone help me?

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    I have to make this post first so that I can post a message with URLs in it.

    Please stand by.

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    Ok, here we go --

    Try using the unyaffs2 program. Here is a page with some info:

    What it says about unyaffs2 is:

    " unyaffs2

    ./unyaffs2 [-h|--help] [-e|--endian] [-p|--pagesize pagesize]
    [-s|--sparesize sparesize] [-o|--oobimg oobimg]
    [-f|--fileset file] [--yaffs-ecclayout] imgfile dirname

    The tool "unyaffs2" can extract the content of the image 'imgfile', which was made by the 'mkyaffs2', into the directory "dirname".

    As "mkyaffs2", it also provide the option '-p' and '-s' to specify the page and spare size, and the option '-e' to provide the endian convert. When the image is created by the tool using the YAFFS original oob scheme (such as the official tool "mkyaffs2image", or the "mkyaffs2" with the option '--yaffs-ecclayout'), the option '--yaffs-ecclayout' is also required.

    When the option '-f' is applied, the "unyaffs2" can extract only the selection of files from the YAFFS image, instead of the whole image content.

    At this moment, the tool "unyaffs2" can only extract a image which is made from the "mkyaffs2" exactly. Extractimg a image dumpped directly from the NAND device is still unsupported (TODO list). "

    Source code is here (if there is no package for your distribution):

    There is also a GUI tool too, called yaffey but it takes a lot more work to build and use.

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