Hello people who are obviously MUCH smarter than myself. First off, I know NOTHING about androids tablets. My father in law is wanting to buy an android tablet so he can use a WINDOWS program called BOOKBAG PLUS...it catelogs all of his massive book collection..( dude is 84 go figure) and he wants to lug around a tablet to the book shoppes and check his list to see if he already owns a copy of a book he is interested in...sounds weird,,,but there it is. SO MY GOOD PEOPLE....is there a tablet that anyone can recommend? and will linux translate the windows BOOKBAG PLUS....program to a linux app on the android...LIKE I SAID,,,,,NEVER DEALT WITH ANDROIDS...no clue whatsoever....Heck I have trouble seeing a desktop screen....no way I could use one of those lil kiddy tablet things...I guess what I am trying to find out is,,is there a linux app that will translate the windows bookbag plus to something that can be used on an android??? also, does he have to do a partition like on my desktop, 50/50 with mint 13 cinnamon maya / windows xp.....I am drowning here folks....this is for my father in law, not me....but he is a goofy old dude, but nice enough so I am trying to help him...thanks alot graybeard19 in missouri

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Forgot to ask, any place with good buys on these gadgets? he is retired and money is tight....PLUS...any recommendations on models, manufacturers etc...would be appreciated...thanks folks!