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    Should I import an Android tablet

    Will it be fully functional is the main thing I'm worried about, I ordered an iPhone 4 and it was fine, just wondering if android would have any problems before purchasing, thanks!!

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    Import from where? To where?

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    The languages included with the tab may be different in different countries. As far as I know, English is always included, though.

    You should also check with the manufacturer if the warranty is valid all over the world. If you buy a device in, say, Asia, some companies may ask you to send it to the Asian branch when it needs repair.

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Malaysia last week, and so far, I've had no problems using it here in Sweden. There's no Swedish spell-checker, and the Swipe input method doesn't work with Swedish, but there is a Swedish on-screen keyboard. My Swedish SIM card (3G/GSM) also works without problems.

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