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    Bluetooth does not work

    Members of our family have several smartphones - with Nokia there is no problem concerning BT (send, receive and browse).
    But neither S3 nor Note2 correctly connect to our notebook - we can send files from the computer to the phone, but - very important for us - it is not possible to "browse on device": I' ve tested all important BT managers and DEs, top 10 distributions (most of them installed). Does anybody know, if it is a BT version 4 problem or a Samsung problem?

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    As I learned to know, BT hardware is v. 4 and software v. 3, so it can' t work.

    New question:
    Those who have a S IV, V or Note III (or Android higher then 4.2)
    After having a connection smartphone - notebook via BT, is "browse on device" possible?
    (BTW: In Cinnamon it is not enabled.)

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