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    Hooking up a phone to the PC

    I hope to get an answer, thanks in advance.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy mini and would like to download the accumulated material (photos, Watsapp messages and such) to my PC for backup. I run Manjaro Linux (Xubuntu on an other PC), and the phone did come with the reuired cable.
    Is it a simple question of hooking up the phone to the PC and browsing the "device"? What will that do to the data on the phone?
    Thanks for an answer, any answer, all answers are welcome, even the zany ones...

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    Don't quote me, because I'm not a full 100% here... But I think with Samsung the best choice is to download kies from the Samsung site and work from there. Kies is essentially a middle man, a gui that shows the files when connected to a PC... The PC should just work it out on its own once installed, but you may have to change what your device connects as. When you first plug it in, your notification bar should show a message along the lines of 'connected as camera, click to change USB options'... When set to camera it will only look for digital images, the other option is MTP (or something close) which is all other files as well. I'm fairly certain kies runs on Linux, though I can't recall if wine is needed.
    Hope something in there helps you out, good luck.

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    Here's how I do mount my Samsung Galaxy Victory SPH-L300 with Fedora:
    1. Install simple-mtpfs
    sudo yum install simple-mtpfs
    2. Plug in the phone. On my system, the phone will automount, but the individual files are not readable. I see two mountpoints, one with the name of the phone, the other named "mtp"
    3. Open the file manager and unmount the mountpoint showing the name of the phone.
    4. In a terminal window, mount the phone as an appropriate place
    simple-mtpfs <mountpoint>
    5. To unmount, open a terminal window and execute the following:
    fusermount -u <mountpoint>

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    1. Install VirtualBox, create a Windows VM and run Kies. (Note MS don't like Windows installs in a VM ). This will also be necessary foe updates.
    2. Use gftp. Works well for me (Samsung Galaxy Ace 2)

    Copying the data and deleting it off the phone are usually separate steps.

    Good Luck

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