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    Having troubles putting music on

    I have a 64GB mini SD and I haven't be able to put music on it properly. When I put on my entire music library a majority of the songs come up under unknown for artists and the songs that do make it properly tagged will only play for 3 seconds than go to the next track. I've used both Easy Phone Sync and DoubleTwist and both have the same problem. If I manually replace the songs under unknown they do get fixed but most of the time they just play for 3 seconds and skip to the next track. Is there anything I can do that will just make my music work properly on my phone.

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    sounds like an id3 tag error

    if your songs are not correctly tagged you would have 2 choices
    1) run an id3 tag system to retag your tracks......that takes time
    2) ignore the errors and choose a player where id3 tags are not so relevant or can be re-configured to be ignored

    vlc is what I use

    good luck

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