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    Playstore problem search in non English

    Hi there,

    I am running 4.3 on HTC One, I search in Playstore an app in Chinese, but the store returns nothing and switched to the movie session, then I know I input incorrect words to cause that, but why I did not receive error message instead of blank screen and switched to the movie session ? I receive error of unknown app when I search the same on PC, there are some other keywords the same problem when search on phone, any idea ?

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    have you set your locale to China?

    If you live in say UK but are Mandarin speaker/reader, temorarily set your locale to China and try again

    if that still fails, use English to search for app called any locale and install it

    run it to select locale

    good luck

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    For that, you will have to use a particular that will help you to get everything in Chinese.

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