I use a Motorola DroidX with Jellybean/ sys ver 45.62/ android 2.3.4/ kernel build 4.5.1_57_DX 9-10/ eri ver 5 / prl ver 53269/ there is an 8gb memory card in it too:
Have installed GVPhone and Google Chat xmpr and have hangouts installed also on the DroidX. I use Mint 15 Linux on my desktop and these programs are not in the repositories in case they have to be installed in a browser or somewhere else. I'm not sure of anything but have read and tried suggestions to no avail.

I can make phone calls from the DroidX using GVphone but cannot receive them. I don't know how to get the receive part configured/setup. The message gotten by those trying to call is something like "unable to do connect at this time".
I have dementia memory problems and need a little extra detailed help and prompting to understanding how to use my pay as go phone [PagePlus] to receive calls over wifi. I have a NetGear wireless router that I'm using. Is the phone number that I use to call the one which people are to call me on or is there another number for that? I need cost free telephone to supplement my PAYG program with PagePlus cell service.
Computer is hard wired to internet and Router is plugged in a computer Cat5 Jack.
This is the way Charter Cable set it up.
Thanx for your input and help in advance SW%)