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Thread: Huawei Y300

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    Huawei Y300

    Dunno if anybody else has this phone, but took out a contract for my sister (as Xmas present) on a special offer 2 yr contract. 250 mins, 5000texts 250mb 7.50/ month including phone with no upfront payment. (I pay 7 for same but with 500Mb and no phone.)

    OK, I thought, might not be brilliant but it has dual core processor and 4.1.2, can't be that bad.

    Reviews likened it to old Galaxy II (which I have). These are our experiences.

    Revues complained back cover is flimsy. Same thickness as on my Samsung, but the shape makes it more rigid.
    Rubberised feel to back. The phone feels better in the hand than my Samsung.

    Battery life was criticised. My Galaxy gives 24-26 hours on a battery with power saving enabled. The Y300 gives well over 3 days.

    If anybody is interested in a good, low priced Jellybean phone, this is worth considering.

    "can't be that bad?" Shouldn't be that good, but it is
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    yes I agree with you

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