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    Audio not working, CuBox-i

    I have a CuBox-i4Pro, which is an ARM device, and I'm running both Debian and Android on it. The audio out is only HDMI and spdif. My monitor has HDMI, but no audio capability, so I'm using the spdif output, running a toslink cable to a digital/analog converter. This works fine on Debian, but I have no sound at all in Android. I'm getting no help on the CuBox-i forums. Anyone have one of these with audio working in Android?

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    I gave up and bought a box which breaks out the audio from the HDMI cable to both spdif and standard RCA AV jacks, allowing the video to pass through. It works, it's just a pain to have to buy the extra stuff. Wish I'd gone this way in the first place instead of even bothering with the spdif output.

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    Thanks for the update.


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