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    Is there Android for Netbooks?

    This may be a dumb question , but is there a version for Netbooks?

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    If your netbook is on x86 architecture, there is a project porting Android to x86 You can check it. Personally I don't think that Android will be usefull on laptops, there are better systems.

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    These two tablets have built-in keyboards and look like netbooks

    Sylvania 7" LCD Android Tablet with Foldable Keyboard
    ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

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    Thanks for your advice for the best tablets.
    I really adore Android and I'm glad to catch up with all the new stuff for it!

    free typing test

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    yes. as far as i know, there is!

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    The Genesi Smartbook can also run Android.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottavio View Post
    The Genesi Smartbook can also run Android.
    wow! really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slickstyle View Post
    wow! really?
    Yes, mind you, the latest release was on May 31st and this will most likely be the last ever for that processor:

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