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    Unlocked 8 core THL T100S

    Since Mediatek launched their 8-core MT6592 processor the Chinese Android landscape has boiled over with new octa-core phones with their own unique styling and features. This brings us to the THL T100S which we have been testing over the past few weeks.
    The THL T100S is one of the first 8-core Meditek phones to go on sale in China and one of only a few which can be ordered internationally, but it has plenty of rivals from the likes of Zopo, TCL, GooPhone, Huawei and others.
    THL T100S ships with a full HD display, a powerful processor, a good camera and more.
    The THL T100S is nearly the spitting image of the THL W11 aka Monkey King. The new phone features a few similar aspects with the older phone such as the 5-inch display and dual 13 mega-pixel cameras.
    It is about as wide as a Nexus 4 or Nexus 5, this makes the phone look long at first sight, however, that feeling disappears soon. The 5-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS display takes up almost the entire front of the smartphone. Colors were vivid and there were no color shift issues.
    T100S’ back is complimented by a dark grey back cover. The top and bottom of the device are made from a hard textured material, it feels solid and well-crafted .
    The main highlight of the T100S has to be its 8-core processor, so how fast is it?
    The T100S AnTuTu scores 26759, though it’s not the best top one, its high score still makes an impression.
    The result shows T100S is faster than the HTC One, faster than the Sony Xperia Z and faster than the Galaxy Note 2. However it is still bested by phones like the LG G2, the Xiaomi MI3 and the Galaxy Note 3.
    As we all know benchmarks don’t necessarily mean user experience in real life. so how does the THL T100S perform in real world situations? Well moving from screen to screen is fast and fluid, and launching apps is responsive enough but it never feels ‘fast’. Especially when opening the camera or gallery app.
    If 2013 was the year of the Selfie then the T100S is certainly a welcome product for some. Not only does the device have a 13MP rear facing camera, it also has a 13MP front facing camera. The difference between the two is that the rear facing camera has auto-focus, a flash and can record video at 1280 x 720, while the front facing camera has a fixed focus (like most front facing cameras) and only records video at 640 x 480.
    Overall the camera is good but not excellent. The camera app is the standard app with features like HDR, face recognition and burst mode etc. The camera is quick to focus and the flash is quite powerful (for a smartphone). However the pictures can lack vitality and color. Of course these can be easily tweaked using the built-in image editor.
    The THL T100S is a great smartphone and excels in many areas including its performance. But it also has its weak points like the lack of LTE, Considering about the price these maybe forgivable. Talking of the price, the T100S is available for just $310 plus shipping and any local import taxes. Comparing with similar level smartphone, the THL T100 is surely worth you checking out.
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    more detail about it on youtube.

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