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    I have just brought a Medion 7" Lifetab (Android 4.2) - the Google Play store has a BT-WiFi App which will enable me to connect to BT WiFi Hotspots.

    This will not install/work on 4.2 - I checked the BT Website and their version also is incompatible. The wifi is working correctly (connecting to my BT Home Hub3)

    Are there any 4.2 Apps which will work? Or a work around!

    HURRAH - there is a work around (a bit like LINUX)
    1 connect to BTWiFi (hotspot) - when connected
    2 load Browser - this should auto load a BT Wifi Log in Screen
    3 enter BT ID Password and connection completed.

    I have noted that some other Apps (eg.Firefox) will NOT run/install on Medion Lifetab - so if there apps that must run for you then beware!
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