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    Hi, I have owned a few droids, currently using a Nexus 4. I have always wanted to escape manufacturer bloat but I have never got my head around customised Roms. CM seems like it provides just what I want. The CM installer looks so easy:

    Can I confirm that it is simply a case of following the 4 steps on the website above? I haven't looked at the PC link yet so I don't know what is involved there. I suppose my major concern is I don't need to root the handset or unlock it?

    If it is that simple then great I end up with a vanilla version of android lacking the bloat but also lacking the apps I use. It looks I can do this with google apps.


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    I think you misunderstood what CWM or TWRP is.....yes they are customised but they are not FULL ROMS more like a tool to assist flashing other ROMs plus some goodies thrown in.

    firstly if you install it, you void your warranty ins most countries

    secondly you goal is to reduce the installed apps?
    then I suggest you go into google playstore and search for mobile 360 as per link

    that app allows you to delete apps

    2) if you really want to install CWM or TWRP see my recent post which has a youtube movie. I made one for CWM but its image quality is crap and not bothered as TWRP is better.

    3) mobile 360 will ask for root powers.....grant it pls

    4) if you root phone you can remove apps and files but be very careful on what you remove.
    ----IMHO you must learn to make a full backup first

    both TWRP and CWM can do that.

    PLS research what all of the apps I name will do to you.....there is a risk of bricking your phone so if you are scared of that.....

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    My understanding is that the Nexus phones are as clean as you can get. they come right from Google without any added bloat by the HW manufacturer.

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