I recently returned my T-Mobile Comet, it had begun discharging the battery too fast.
How fast? It was getting warm to the touch, 20% down from full charge in about 1 1/2 hour.

I've got a replacement, and I haven't rooted it yet, so it's in "stock condition"

My queston is:

Where are the ringtones located?

When I go to Settings to choose notifications & ringtones, I see a list that is
obviously a conglomeration of installed ringtones AND my own folder of ringtones
on my SD card.

There are duplications, and many ringtones I just don't want.

My SD card has a folder named media, with subfolders for ringtones, alarms, notificaitions, etc.

But where are these stock sound files located?
The T-Mobile pdf user guide says nothing about this.

There's a website called KnowYourCell, but it seems to be based in the UK and I am gathering that there are
differences in how USA comets are configured.