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    Unhappy Root android 4.0.4

    Hello everybody.
    I have a weiimi phone with android 4.0.4, cpu ARMv7, RAM 250Mo.
    I'd like to root my phone but I can't find any tool to do that.
    Same tool that I use need to boot the phone in fastboot mode but when I run my phone with this mode It don't boot.

    Thanks in advance.

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    go into playstore and search for su or superuser

    also if you don't already have a terminal installed search for and install a terminal emulator


    open your terminal and type the command su (and press enter)

    if prompt changes to # you are rooted

    2) also it might help to specify your phone make model version number

    I will guess you have the WM-N7100-BAISE android 4.0.4 and its chipset is MTK6517

    if thats have a mediatek device and if above must specify your specs and I might offer a mediatek way

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    hmm its been over 24 hours

    any chance you can give feedback on what your actual device is?

    And did you find any playstore app that gave you (superuser) root powers?

    2) I am ready to give you an alternative but it does require access to a Linux computer so we don't need to worry about windows drivers

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    "I will guess you have the WM - N7100 - BAISE android 4 .0. 4 and its chipset is
    MTK 6517." yes my phone have these features.
    but its still not working.

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    Ok thanks for replying.....we now know you are not rooted. I have a different mediatek device mt6589 but used same method
    its the easiest method I have seen BTW

    I will now suggest the following, but you do so at your own risk.
    pls do it in sequence as its important

    go to playstore and download "Root Checker" (for my device its made by joeykrim)
    run it to see how it works......all it will do is confirm you are not rooted

    2) now download an unofficial apk

    credits go to builder = alephzain who accepts donations if you feel it works well for you

    3) I recommend you use your file manager to place that apk onto your storage card
    I also recommend you keep a copy on your PC or spare USB (PC) stick

    4) go into system settings -> security -> folder=Device Admin and tick the box for "unknown sources"
    meaning you allow unknown to google playstore apps to be installed

    5) use your file manager to select the apk should have an option to install it and then
    run it

    you will find 3 expoits.....on my chipset one gave a false positive----claims success

    a false positive meant I rebooted and ran root checker.....but it said I was NOT rooted

    so for me, I chose the last one = Barahir and so

    6) you must reboot your phone and run root checker
    confirm you are rooted

    6a) as discussed if not yet rooted redo Framaroot and try a different exploit and reboot to test

    7) once rooted, untick the unknown sources to make your phone safer please

    good luck

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