I'm no stranger to rooting, flashing, rebuilding, and unsmashing...but I'm at a bit of a loss for diagnosis here. I'm working on a repair for an AT&T Samsung note one (i717). It was never rooted, flashed, water'd or anything. It ran AT&T's official over-the-air update to Jelly-bean months ago. The issue recently is it randomly crashes. I thought the ROM corrupted. I preformed a reset from the boot options, and it is still wonky. It will run hours at a time fine, then lose signal, and reboot. Sometimes it bootloops, sometimes it reboots and plays nice for a few hours. If the SIM card is cleaned preped to make a good contact, it seems to run better. If the SIM is removed and reinserted, it bootloops...most of the time. occasionally it will connect to the cell network, but not have a data connection.

Has anyone had a similar issue? I've only flashed phones that I got vanilla, and made my own image to revert to factory. Suggestions on trust worthy sites for a stock image if the ROM is corrupt? Has anyone had a SIMboard fail? Both situations seem so unlikely. Any other suggestions are appreciated!