Hi all. Recently my wife's white Evo went boom on the ground. After seeing the shattered screen, we went on CraigsList and bought another Evo to replace it. After taking the broken phone to the Sprint store and getting the screen fixed, and receiving a very nicely rebuilt phone back (for $38), we now have two Evo's.

Now for me: I have a mint condition Epic 4G which is a wonderful phone. This is the second time I have had the Epic (I am one of those frequent CraigsList phone trader people). I have also had the Evo before as well. Now that I have an extra Evo and an Epic, I have a choice about which one to keep and I have NO IDEA which one I would rather have.

I will weigh out some pros and cons that matter to me and would like to get all of your input as well. Thanks for reading!

  • MUCH better screen
  • Great slide out QWERTY keyboard
  • Better camera (despite it being 3 MegaPixels less)
  • MUCH (MUCH) more 4g reliability
  • MUCH better video card and color depth

  • Bigger screen (but not a lot bigger)
  • Kickstand (really comes in handy)
  • Better custom ROM support (I have Cyanogenmod 7 on it currently)
  • MUCH better GPS lock on

I may come up with more, but for some reason, after making this list, the Epic is starting to look better...