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    Smile Kingdom of Legend

    Switching from rpgs to war games. Its kinda hard to play PVP Rpg or a RPG without a chat RPG games also is so difficult to finish and sometimes requires you to purchase items that are in cash. I feel so sad playing games with no chat since you canít interact with people and ask them how to do stuff. lol. I only discovered Kingdom of Legend a few days ago, it is a war game in which people attack each other and i can see that this game is good. There is a chat and you can actually read the chat not just fly by the side. So guys if you know similar games to Kingdom of legend, tell me so i can try it right away.

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    Similar game to the Kingdom of Legend that I have played is Avillum.

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    Can you give me a link of the game your talking i try to search in Google play lot of games came out.

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    yes i do also need to play, give link of that game.

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