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    Getting DSL linux to recognize my Android phone

    I am a newbe at linux. My ubuntu on my desktop picked up my HTC hero phone automatically.
    I have DSL on my laptop because ubuntu wont install on my laptop due to bridges on my motherboard
    (Toshiba Satellite A60 ----bios 2005) DSL is the only version of Linux that will install but getting off topic.
    Is there a package or something that I need to install so my DSL linux will acknowledge my phone?
    Any assistance will be most appreciated.

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    This question is not related to Android. You should write it in Anyway, if you want to connect your phone as storage disk, you need to mount it. First, connect device, next look on the last lines of "dmesg" command output, you will get the device node, for example "sdb1", then mount by
    mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt
    where "/mnt" is directory you want, or just create one somewhere. The contents of device will be visible there (in "/mnt" directory). For future questions go to mentioned ealier web site, your account login and password should work there.

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