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    USB Adapter to Boot to Linux

    I just got my first smart phone yesterday, and have been an Linux addict on my PC for years, and am freaked out by the lack of root access, ability to change my OS, and ability to have complete control over my filesystem without voiding my warranty.

    Since I don't want to risk my expensive warranty and just want to see the hidden directory strcture/look at hardware settings, is there an ability to boot a Samsung Galaxy 5 to a thumbdrive that is hooked up through a USB converter?
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    Rather than being "freaked out" by your inability to do something like replace Android with the Ubuntu phone edition, sit back with a large cup of your favourite beverage and consider. You have bought an appliance. Just like you buy a fridge, freezer, printer, alarm clock, or even a car. All of these have computers within them, but you don't ever dream of reprogramming them, do you? (If you decide to reprogram your car, please warn me first so I can keep off the roads!). Even the hard drives that sit in your Linux PC at home had programmable systems within them, and I'm pretty sure you don't hack into them!

    Your phone is a computer - yes, that's true - and yes, you _can_ hack into it, but first balance the pros and cons of the operation. You just spent a fair amount of money buying the thing; hack into it and damage it programmatically and warranty voiding will be the last thing you'll be worried about -- you won't be able to ring the company to ask about the warranty in the first place!

    You can download apps that act like a file manager and will let you copy and move files to and from an SD card if you have one installed, and in Settings under Device, on my Z998 anyway, there's settings for connecting it to a PC. How you go about that depends, I think, on your version of Android and your PC (you'll probably have to spin up a copy of Windows in a VM to run the programs it'll want to see at the other end of the cable!).

    Good luck


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    Quote Originally Posted by wagscat123 View Post
    boot a Samsung Galaxy 5 to a thumbdrive that is hooked up through a USB converter?
    Not sure what you are getting at. You have a thumbdrive that can boot an OS?

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    I very much doubt that there is such a possibility as you'd have to have a basic system in the Samsung that you could talk to before it booted Android (rather like setting a PC BIOS to boot from CD in preference to hard drive). You mentioned that your chief desire was to "see the hidden directory strcture/look at hardware settings" so I was suggesting applications that offer a File Manager type look at the structure of the storage. A lot of the system is kept private, though, because although Android itself is open-source the various hardware companies build their own software onto it.


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    If you load Free Droid ( you can find a bunch of Free Software apps. This will include such things as a terminal and a system file manager to explore the filesystem.

    If you enable USB debugging, you can simply mount the phone from your Linux PC and explore things that way.

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    Sorry about the slow reply - I realized I the email updates were sent to the wrong account. I saw your suggestions about better ideas - I'll try some of them out (especially Free droid).

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    I am also interested in this topic.

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