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    How to recover samsung phone messages/contacts on pc?

    There are many samsung phone users, and we couldn't avoid lost important messages or contacts fro kinds of reasons.
    If you lost your samsung phone text messages or contacts by accident, I recommend you to use an android sms + contacts recovery app to help.
    And I've found Coolmuster Android SMS + Contacts Recovery really works great, we can use it to recover lost messages and contacts from samsung galaxy easily.
    Just google it and have a try!

    how to recover deleted samsung text messages
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    If you have an Android phone, you need a gmail account. All your emails and contacts then are automatically syncronized between your gmail account and your Android phone.

    For SMS messages, there is SMS Backup +
    With that, all your SMS messages are automatically syncronized to your gmail account.

    Set this all up ahead of time and let your Smartphone do all the work for you. If you don't want your phone to do stuff for you, don't get a smartphone.

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    Supports 2000+ Android Device Models & Various Android OS
    Available for Android phones and tablets from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, ZET, Huawei, etc.
    Supports many of the Android OS versions.
    Restore photos/messages/contacts, WhatsApp history, photos, video, audio and documents from your Android devices.
    All rooted Samsung devices are supported, regardless of Android OS.
    Rapidly growing list of supported devices
    *If your Samsung device is not in the list, you can root it by yourself and then use Dr.Fone to recover your deleted Android data.

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    Sign into your Google Account (on a PC preferably) and check whether or not your contacts still exist there. If they were truly "deleted", then they would also get removed here. If they were just somehow lost due to a bug or something they would still exist on your Google account. If you didn't set up your contacts to sync with your Google Account (or Samsung or Tmobile depending on what phone you have) you're out of luck.
    Or you can use Coolmuster Data Recovery for Samsung software to regain deleted samsung contacts,sms,photos,videos etc.
    Good way to regain deleted contacts list from samsung galaxy s3/s4/s5

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    Many samsung users can't recover lost contacts and SMS directly.Because not backup samsung galaxy data to computer.But,if you lost samsung galaxy data,you can find answers from google.
    PS:How to regain samsung galaxy contacts
    How to restore lost sms from samsung phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eukermmee View Post
    Many samsung users can't recover lost contacts and SMS directly.Because not backup samsung galaxy data to computer.But,if you lost samsung galaxy data,you can find answers from google.
    Yes ofcourse you can look out over google but I don't think there will be any use of this forum if everyone over here wants top look over the Google ! I would say forums are over here because, member over here don't want to waste their time by looking out again and again for google and I am sure you are aware of the fact that searching anything over Google is like looking out for the pieces of information and then at then again at the end you need to compile it at the end. And answers over here are always to the point ! So, I would advise instead of talking about something which everyone already know I would say better option would be putting something useful over here!

    Peter Carlos
    Rapidsoft Technologies

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    Steps to Recover SMS, Contacts from Samsung

    1. Stop using your phone and turn off the WiFi and 3G/4G connection to avoid automatic updates and data overwriting(I guess you didn't know about it, that's OK, try your luck.)
    2. Check the available backups. It is easy to retrieve deleted contacts/text messages from Samsung if you have backups. Simple syncing the data with Samsung(Omit the detailed steps).
    3. No backups? there is no need to be panic either. Get a reliable Samsung Data Recovery tool to do the job,Jihosfot data recovery is a good choice, I have used this tool before and it did work on my galaxy phone).

    - Download and install Jihosoft Samsung Data Recovery program.
    - Connect Android Samsung to computer
    - Select specified file "Database".
    - Let the software analyze Samsung device and start scan
    - Recover Deleted contacts/text messages from Samsung

    4.Basically, as long as the deleted data not be overwritten, the android data recovery program can help you get them back.

    Detailed video guide:

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    Lost contacts from Samsung phone? Accidentally deleted contacts on your Samsung phone? Many Samsung users need to recover lost or deleted contacts from Samsung mobile phone, on the market; few data recovery software supports recover contacts from Android devices. Now, I recommend you a professional Android Samsung data recovery, which supports restore contacts from Samsung phones, called FonePaw Android Data Recovery, this software can help you recover your Samsung phone deleted/lost contacts with a few clicks.
    More info: How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung Galaxy Phones

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    I recovered the deleted contacts and photos from my Galaxy S5 phone with this android data recovery a few days ago, it worked pretty well, you might check it out.

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    If you are using Samsung mobile phone and based on Android OS, you can use Samsung Data Recovery software to recover deleted data from your Samsung phones.
    This software can easily scan your Samsung phones, find and recover the deleted data from your samsung phone. It can easily recover deleted sms, contacts, photos, videos, audios, whatsapp messages, call logs and so on.
    You can learn how to retrieve deleted text messages from Samsung phone.

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    well, it is really easy to accidentally deleted data, such as SMS, contacts, photos or other from our Samsung phones. But never mind, those deleted data is not really deleted, instead it just seemingly lost, you do can recover them with Samsung Recovery Mac.

    Youtube Guide found for you:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolpoiu View Post
    Firstly, you can try "Go to the contact in your contact book press the menu button and then hit history and all your deleted messages and threads should be there." Then, with the help of recovery tools
    Try to use MobiKin Doctor for Android, a good android data recovery tool that allow to recover Up to 8 Types of Files: Contacts, Messages, Media Files (Photos, Movies, Music), Documents, etc. How to retrieve deleted text messages on samsung

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    Help! Hey, am using an sony ericsson xperia running on android 2.1.. where i am unable to recover deleted messages alone, else others in media is retrieved...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nilofar_iqbal View Post
    Help! Hey, am using an sony ericsson xperia running on android 2.1.. where i am unable to recover deleted messages alone, else others in media is retrieved...
    I personally used an Android Data Recovery Tool from your above-mentioned programs and it was excellent. I was able to recover my deleted text messages, which were really important for me.
    How to retrieve deleted text messages from android

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    You can have a try of recovery tools, this is helpful for android data recovery.
    And text message recovery, android photo recovery, as well as many other data all can be recovered with recovery program.

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