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    "troubles" with charging, cables and chargers

    These "troubles" happen on both my Galaxy Note-II (SGH-i317) phone and my Galaxy Note 8.0 (GS-N5110) tablet.

    Problem #1
    Using Samsung branded charger and cable, I sometimes get weak charging current.
    I use the "Galaxy Charging Current" app by ABMANTIS from the Google store to report the details.
    Under good conditions, I see 1400 mAh. In "failure" mode, I see 700 mAh. I can clear the
    troubles with a simply device restart.

    Problem #2
    Some third-part chargers and cables will work just fine (high rate mentioned above) with my devices.
    Others work for days or weeks and then quit working (low rate). All of the electrical tests that I
    can accomplish fail to show an observable different -- impedance change, loose connections, signs
    of over current or similar, and so on.

    Question #1 -- Can someone shed light on what might be going on with these troubles?

    Question #2 -- Can someone explain known differences between the Samsung branded parts
    and those available from mainstream vendors like Belkin and RocketFish?

    Thanks in advance,
    ~~~ 0;-Dan

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    ** bump **

    I'm starting to think that no one is reading this forum or Android Questions for that matter...
    ~~~ 0;-/ Dan

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    I have read elsewhere that Samsung deviced will not charge with non-Sammy chargers. It seems to me that sometimes they will, sometimes not.

    What may be important in your case is using a correctly rated charger. A phone chatger is rated at 0.7 amps. A tablet charger at 1.4 amps. If you try and charge a tablet with a phone charger it may not charge or you could burn out the charger.

    I have a suspicion that Samsung chargers have the "data" pins wired so that the device knows whether it is being charged by a suitable charger.

    Look at the battery charge icon during charging. If ot shows a red cross over the battery it's not charging.

    Hope this helps. One day I might investigate more deeply but at the moment I have my hands full with messing with Debian, swimming and lazing

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