Android's next great redesign is making its debut at Google I/O today. The so-called L Developer Preview follows just a few months after KitKat, but brings with it an all-encompassing visual reboot that spans the entire user experience.

There are some 5,000 new APIs in the new software, but the big changes are primarily visual and part of Google's new Material Design initiative. There's a new Gmail interface, minimalistic new Android buttons, and a shift from square to round icons. The system-wide Roboto font has also been updated to work on every screen "from your watch to your laptop to your television." All of Google's stock apps will eventually make the transition to the new Material theme, however for now the list is limited to the most-used apps like the phone dialer.

Notifications are being spruced up in the new Android too, with new interactive access to notifications on the lock screen. The notification pane and the lock screen are basically being combined, with a new look that's evocative of Google Now cards. A new drop-down notification is being introduced for when you're using the phone, dubbed a heads-up by Google. It's big, but easy to address or dismiss.

The L preview code will be available for developer devices to download later today.
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