Google announced at its I/O developer conference that it now boasts over 1 billion monthly-active users on its Android platform. Thatís up from a 538 million figure from last yearís I/O.

1 billion #Android devices out in the world. Thatís something like 93 million selfies taken every day Ö give or take #io14

ó A Googler (@google) June 25, 2014

Previously, Google measured Android usage in terms of total device activations, but itís now switching to a 30-day-active stat. Last September, Google announced reaching 1 billion total activations. The firm celebrated hitting the 900 million mark last May.

Android app installs have also grown significantly, up 236 percent from last year. At last yearís keynote, Google announced 48 billion total app downloads across the platform.

Androidís tablet efforts have caught up to the iPad in the past year. According to Google, the OS powers 62 percent of tablets this year, up from 46 percent last year and 39 percent two years ago.
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