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    Angry After Gingerbread, GPS wont connect

    Last Friday night 9/2/2011 my phone (Droid 2) prompted me there was an update. I left it run and it went smoothly. Now when ever I use the Maps my GPS will not connect and I rely on my GPS in my phone alot. Anyone else having this issue after the Gingerbread update ( System version 4.5.601.A955.Verizon.en.US)

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    I've an HTC, but I've found that some updates require a restart in order for them to work. (The one I'm thinking of was Verizon related even though your gingerbread update should be pushed out by Motorola)

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    Grab GPS Status & Toolbox from the market. You probably need to download the GPS assistance data.


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    Adroid 2 user, with 2.3 upgrade installed on one of two phones. WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN. Now the upgrade phone will not STAY POWERED OFF. If we receive a phone call, text, email, it turns itself on. Actually hate the new format, and Verizon says it is Google's problem, not theirs, and no other upgrades will be sent out until Motorola and Google get it all fixed??

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