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    Android Security

    Hi Group -

    Long story short, I work in a critical area of technology and it has been confirmed that my phone is bugged with software. I have done hard resets to try to get it out, but to no avail. My phone lights up randomly, and has programs which appear to be other programs but with suspicious permissions.

    Any advice? Do i just need to buy a new droid and start from scratch - if so, what are the first things I need to do to lock it down?

    -Chris TheNizz

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    Which phone do you have? Power off your phone and remove SD card, then power on. I do not understand if you have normal access to your phone, can you uninstall applications? Uninstall everything. If you known how to access to bootloader (in my it is holding volume down during bootup), do it, maybe there is option like "factory reset". You can install SDK from android site and connect to your phone by ADB. It has possibility to reboot into bootloader or recovery mode, but I think it depends on installed image.

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