So, I am quite familure with windows OS and a tid-bit familure with Ubuntu.

A friend from work got me off my Iphone and onto an android. After tinkering around on the web i see that i can actually get Ubuntu on a Tablet. Now, i had tried following some guides and ended up rooting my Nvidia Shield tablet and a load of other stuff trying to get Ubuntu on it so i can play a particular game.

After doing all that work ( was work to me since i had no clue what i was doing) i eventually got to a point where everything from google was stating that it wasnt going to work without editing my shields ROMs. and most everything attached to that stated if i do it wrong then ill end up bricking my device which doesnt sound appealing.

So onto the question. I am looking into getting a Galaxy Tab 3 or maybe 4.

But the goal here in the end is I'd like to play a Ubuntu compatable game on my Tablet without having to use a remote session into my home PC. But information seems to be sorta limited or maybe im just not finding the right websites/links.

If anyone would be able to shine a little light on if a Galaxy Tab 3 or 4 is Ubuntu Capable in either a dual boot/VNC or otherwise doable format. Please let me know and point me in the right direction.