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    Get the GPS Coordinates from Google Maps Android Application

    Recently we took a trip where the Google Maps Android application showed the location of where we wanted to go. Our mobile GPS unit, a Nuvi 650, did not have that location in its database. No problem, so I thought, until I tried to get the GPS coordinates from the Nexus 7. We did not figre out how to do it, so we used the Nexus 7 map app. The good news, is that we were able to use the Nexus 7 Google map application to get to our destination even though we were out of WI-FI range for the entire trip. It was a fun experiment.

    Since getting home, I was able to look-up this solution. "How to easily find any location’s coordinates with the Google Maps’ app". The solution worked, but was quite cumbersome.


    After posting I did some additional research and found on Google Play "Map Coordinates". Since I just downloaded the app, I can't say much about it other than it does its job of displaying the GPS coordinates. Any favorite app for displaying GPS coordinates?
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    I too found this a very useful app.
    I like also "Latitude Longitude Convert" by davb and will see which of the two I will keep. The latter allows you to switch over to Google navigation which is very comfortable.
    Very good the possibility to copy the position and paste it as the address of one of your contacts. From there you can always tap on it to see the position in google maps.
    Unfortunately neither of them is good for looking up a new address.
    "Map Coordinates" allows you to input either a direction or the coordinates of a new location, but the search for an address (direction) often does not give a correct or any result, although a google search (and thus a search in google maps) will find it. Looks like they don't use google search.
    "Latitude Longitude Convert" has no search function at all.

    So getting the coordinates of a place that you can locate in the map (e.g. your actual position) is easy, but looking up a new address and getting its coordinates remains cumbersome.

    I tried and discarded:

    Latitude Longitude by Zeeshan Hameed or Aamir Shehzad (search via address does not work)
    Longitude Latitude Convertor by Decrux Infotech
    Latitude and Longitude by zbz_lvlv (no satellite view)
    GPS Location by (very simple, no way to copy coordinates, no satellite view)
    Latitude Longitude Coordinates by Kaiwidment (no satellite view, coordinate output not as a compatible pair)

    I think satellite view is very important to point precisely to a location. The street map alone does not tell you where to point in a street.

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    thanks for the solution this one seems much easier, I have previously used a Garmin GPSMAP 64ST for my hiking trips and have been used for a good amount of time untill I lost it. Now I have been using my smartphone and have difficulty in finding GPS co ordinates during my trip this solution seems to be good.

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