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    Got Dumped Dumpys Mini Game

    Do you love SUPER DIFFICULT games? If yes, you got to try GOT DUMPED.

    You need to control Dumpy with very SHORT SWIPES left and right AND you need to adjust... who can predict were a poo is falling after it gets... dumped... YOU? Do your best!!

    That's in it:

    ★ Highly difficult gameplay
    ★ Endless gameplay
    ★ Simple, addictive gameplay
    ★ Awesome retro pixel art
    ★ Catchy chiptune music
    ★ Mini Game Type
    ★ A character that everyone can relate to (named Dumpy)

    How to play:

    ★ SHORT swipes left or right to navigate and find the perfect line
    ★ avoid the pipes
    ★ avoid the side walls
    ★ use the speed pipes to increase your speed and score

    ================================================== ====

    So, let's start our story with a joke : What's brown and sticky? ... A stick...

    Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's move on to the mini game!

    Getting dumped can be a painful matter, so imagine how Dumpy feels! He just got dumped - into the toilet no less, and then flushed into the sewers. Help him stay "alive" by navigating between the pipes.

    Who is Dumpy your asking? Well, simply said he is a poo. Well, yes sorry to tell you, but he is a simple and lovely retro poo character who just got dumped and tries nothing else than not crossing the line between staying alive and
    getting smashed by the pipes. And thats what this mini game is all about.

    ================================================== ====

    You can share the video of your high scores with your friends on facebook, twitter or your youtube channel.

    Tweet the line or a poo joke to Dumpy's own twitter feed @DumpyGotDumped and support him in his journey!

    ================================================== ====

    Youtube Video:

    Google Play Store Link to the game:

    We hope you enjoy playing it.


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    I like this game thanks for the link..

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    Of course I do love competitions and challenges. Let me prove myself playing this game. Thanks for sharing.

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    At first play i like the game but after some time of play it get crashed. Even there is no update from so long.

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