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    battery won't charge off of my compuer

    Hello everyone: this is my first post. This morning LG did an update to my optimus sprint phone. While it was updating, my phone was being charged off my usb port on my computer. After the update, my phone will no longer charge using the usb cable. I tried charging my bluetooth, and it works fine, so it is not the cable. The phone will charge however, if it is plugged in and I reboot my computer. But if I unplug it and try to plug it back in to resume charging, it will not resume charging. does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


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    This is probably a non-issue by now, but in case someone else has the problem...

    Most Android phones have two charging modes: low-drain and high-drain. High-drain is used when the USB cable is connected directly to the charger, while low-drain is used when a USB connection is detected. USB technically can deliver a maximum of 500mA of power, which charges a phone very, very slowly. A dedicated charger, on the other hand, doesn't have that limitation. Android phones detect the difference by seeing if the data lines are either shorted together or to ground (I forget which off-hand), though some may try to see if there's a live USB connection instead. (For what it's worth, iPads and iPhones don't use the pin-shorting method, which is why chargers made for them often result in a low-drain charge cycle for Android phones.)

    In this case it sounds like the firmware update is detecting the USB connection differently, and is shifting down to low-drain mode when it didn't used to. Sadly, the only choices I can see are to replace the phone if it's under warranty, try to revert to the older Android version, or live with using the charger.

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    Since i installed Battery Doctor, my nexus 4 hasn't had any charging issues.

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    Computers are usually set up only to charge at 500 ma. I have had games suck more than that. I use the charger that came with, and I have several 2.1 Amp chargers around and they seem to do well.

    Also a fully discharged phone may not seem to charge at all for 1/2 hour or so, even on a high rate charger.

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