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    Trouble installing CM7 on Nook Color

    I am a first timer, trying to install CM7 on my Color Nook. I am trying to install to an external SD.

    I am trying to follow these XDA instructions

    I got the installer, and created an image on my SD card.

    # dd if=/home/walter/Downloads/sdimage/generic-sdcard.img of=/dev/sde bs=1024K
    I copied the file: to that card.

    # cp /media/CM7*SDCARD/
    I turn on my nook, it boots up, and I get the message:

    Initial installer files not found
    Please download it from
    and put on first partition of this SD card
    the name should start with updatei-cm and end with .zip
    And the system just hangs. It is very difficult to even turn the nook off.

    I also tried using the 1.2 version of the installer (instead of 1.3) and it was even worse. The system would not even power on.

    I have a windows box if that would help.

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    What shows "ls /media/CM7*SDCARD" after mounting SD card of course?

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    Did you ever get cm7 working? Let me know. Maybe I can help as I am running cm7 7.1 on my Nook right now. In fact that is what I am using to respond here.

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