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    G1: Diagnose Network issue?

    What are the basic visibles in tracing a network problem? I have wifi association & network address

    Here's what I mean
    /Entering root message (I have CM-6.0)
    #cat /proc/net/route #returns 0 in everything
    #cat /system/etc/resolv.conf # shows the resolv.conf.
    #route [anything] # always seems to show a usage message. Anyone figure it out?
    I have a reasonable /system/etc/hosts, no host.conf,
    ifconfig # doesn't exist
    #ip #invariably throws up the help message. Anyone figure it out?
    Wireless tools don't exist.

    And I'm kinda out of ideas here. Do the files in /proc/net have much?

    Last Semester, I had Internet access via wifi in College through some stupid log in script. Any url would redivert to the log in, log in and you're away. I had to put in their dns server somewhere.

    Over the summer, I had to restore a back up from nandroid, and they evidently did something also.

    NOW, I go for the net first time, and it's there - no login. Close the phone, and try it at lunchtime, and it's not there.

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    These commands ifconfig, route are simplified verions of "standard". You can install SSHDroid to get native Linux commands working as excepted. Just set PATH to "/data/data/" or find other, similar application.

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    Thanks. I found ifconfig and radiooptions, but ifconfig is pretty obtuse. I just need to cop a wifi problem (probably _the_uni's_ problem.

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