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    some basic questions from a neophyte

    I just bought an Android 2.2 7" tablet from EBay. It is supposed to work as an EReader. When I click on the reader icon, it asks me to insert an sd card. Will someone explain to me what the steps are in using the tablet as an ereader? Also, i don't want to use this as a phone. is that the only way i can get the 3G capability? Thanks

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    if it's asking you to insert a sd card then the reader application is configured by default to look on the SD card for the files to read , try looking in the application configuration to change where it's looking for the file. you should be able to download via the web an e-book to the device , try downloading a e-book from the guttenburg project : then locate on the device where it was stored / what directory .. then try pointing your e-reader software to that directory and see if it can read the file.

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    Thank you. There are many other issues I have with this device. I am going to return it and opt for the Amazon Kindle. Thank for your help.

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    The new Kindle's use Andriod also, but they don't allow epub files. You can down load the Kindle book app or Nook book app or Google book app, Aldiko book app or Cool Reader book app and others for your current Android device. Kindle blocks some apps because they want you to buy only from Kindle. The SD card slot gives you more choices for storage of ebooks, photos etc.

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