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Thread: Dos on android

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    SOLVED: Dos on android

    Solved with the use of "hacker keyboard"

    I have downloaded from Amazon an app called dosbox. It looks as if it will probably run the old dos database that I have been using for more than 20 years. But here are some issues with it. The worst one is the obvious deficiencies of the virtual keyboard (no function keys, no 'backslash' key, etc.), Another problem is that it doesn't seem to allow me to set the pad in a verticle position. It insists upon displaying in horizontal only. For a pad (not a phone) verticle would be much better, be cause in the verticle position (I think) the keyboard could display complete without covering the dos program.

    My question: Do you know of a better dos emulator for DOS?

    another question: Do you know of any good tutorials on DOS in Android?

    What would really please me is a way of installing Freedos on Android. I have a number of other very nice dos applications I'd like to run. In Linux I run them under Dosemu, which utilizes Freedos, which also allows "cut and paste " to/from linux.

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    Hi littlejoe5,

    Its not the app, it's the input method you have available (or lack of). Search and install "hackers keyboard" from market - and choose this as your input method (virtual-keyboard) whenever you need a 'full' keyboard.

    I use it with all my sftp and ssh sessions when connected to my headless slackware servers/desktops.

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    OK! Got it. Thanks. That's muchh better. NOw if there were a way to A: make hackers keyboard scoot over to one side or the other,or B: make my dos program work on the pad in verticle (so as to have it in the top half). Oh well! At least it works. Like I said: Thanks!

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