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    New Android user, looking for calendar app and phone app that has specific features

    My 5 year old Nokia flip phone had two features that I loved and used frequently that my new HTC Android doesn't have. I hope someone can tell me of an app that does provide these handy, functional features.

    My old Nokia had an appointment calendar that allowed me to set a reminder alarm at any specific time (eg. 7:45pm) and date ahead of the event. The calendar built into my Android only allows reminder alarms at specific intervals (eg 10 min, 2 hr, 1 day) ahead. I've looked at 5 or 6 other calendar apps that I found in the app market, but none have had this feature.

    The other feature that my old Nokia had that my Droid doesn't is a "silent mode" timer. I could turn my phone's ring to silent mode, then set a specific time later that day (eg 9:45 pm) that I wanted the phone to return to its standard ring tone mode. This was great, as I never had to remember to turn the "silent" mode off, and the ringtone mode on, it happened automatically at the time I had selected.

    Interestingly, I've been told that no "modern" phones, including any of the "smart" phones, have these features built in. SMART phones, indeed! Does anyone know of an app that can provide either of these features?

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    Well, "Taskos" has that feature, but it is not a calendar, rather task management application. For me it is not very good. When I will get more free time I will try to write my own application adjusted to my needs.

    About "silent time" there is a "Mute ringer" or "Silent mobile" applications of "Android-Lab" developer on the market. Also you can try "Automate it", it is more complicated but has many other useful options. If you're eager you can root your phone and install "CynogenMod" firmware, it has that feature implemented too.

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