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    [FREE] [APP] Self Camera Shot

    Hi, this is my new android app "Self Camera Shot".

    Description :

    This app allows you to take pictures remotely using whistles without touching your phone.
    A simple and faster way to capture selfies from 1 to 15 meters distance from the device.

    Features :

    * Remote control using whistles.
    * Instant or delayed capture after whistle.
    * Silent shooting.
    * Countdown Timer.
    * Zooming.
    * White balance settings(Incandescent, Fluorescent, Auto, Daylight,Cloudy).
    .. and more

    Screenshots :

    Download :

    Google Play :

    APK :

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    I'm using it and this is the powerful app for self camera shot.

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    With LEO Privacy Guard V 3.0, you can heave a sigh of relief and not worry about:
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    Perfect In my opinion this is the best app to take selfie. very nice! ☺ THANK YOU

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