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    Tethering a phone to a tablet as a modem

    I have a eee transformer , with wifi built in . I was wondering is there a way to tether a android phone to it via the usb connection and have the phone act as a modem , I'd like to be able to use the tablet without having to be near a wifi hotspot. I'd like the phone to act as a modem. is this feasible ? Has anyone done this ?



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    Which king of phone You use or intend to use as modem. Let's say another android phone or other type need his own solution.
    I prefer to use a wifi twtherin from tablet to smartphone but i can use smartphone as wifi hotspot for tablet too (each of them, tablet and smartphone have data plan on different provider).

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    It depends on the version of Anroid running on your phone. Android 2.2 should have the option to turn the phone into a wifi hotspot. There are two caveats: firstly it will use a lot of battery, secondly you should have a mobile broadband data plan in addition to the mobile internet plan on your phone. This works with a Samsung Galaxy Europa and Advent Vega bit I'm waiting until 10 October when Giffgaff start offering mobile broadband before I really use it. Tethering (using a mobile phone to make an internet connection for another device) is normally against the mobile company's Ts & Cs and they can tell when you're doing it.
    It is unlikely that you can use a mobile via a USB cable because that would require the drivers for your phone to be in the Android kernel of the Acer but it could be a ccase of try it and see.

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    A friend showed me this app today that uses your phone as a wifi hotspot which would let your phone be the modem for
    your tablet.

    its called Foxfi. it is a free android app
    Make sure you have a data plan for your phone

    Hope this helps

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