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    How can I program my phone to save more battery

    How can I program my phone to save more battery time

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    I don't known what do you mean by "program", but in my experience most energy is taken by display, so better is using lower brightness and short times to automatic display off, if you have that option. Also things like WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth do not must be enabled all the time, I switch them off, when not using. If your phone is rooted, you can probably set lower minimum and maximum CPU frequency and other governor, but it impact on usage comfort. Also some downloaded applications can reside actively in memory and consume energy. And tools to automatic closing applications (task killers), if inproperly configured, can kill inappropriate applications and then you need more time (and more wasted energy) to start these again.

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    Thanks, I meant to say options for saving battery life during my day and you answered my question

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    Install JuiceDefender and try it out. If you like it and want more features, then purchase the upgrade/license UltimateJuice. I've been using this for a year now and it is GREAT for increasing battery life. It have many sophisticated settings and can take some time to learn them all, but even the default installation if very helpful.

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    try this apps: 1Tap Cleaner, Android Assistant and Gemini App Manager.

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