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    G1 Network: Why Can't I surf??

    I normally have my phone configured for Wifi only since the Mobile providers here rip you off for web access.

    Now I can't get it. I've had to restore a nandroid backup of /system twice recently, and this fault came with it. I'm on CM-6.0 with swap configured.
    DHCP connects. Netcfg shows every thing down except lo &
    tiwaln0 UP by my home router) x00001043

    ifconfig tiwlan0 shows
    tiwlan0 ip mask flags [up broadcast running multicast]

    Ping behaves as follows (my router) success [my dns server] success resolves the IP ( but can't reach it.

    ip route show tells me dev tiwlan0 src default via dev tiwlan0

    which all sounds kosher. There is no connectivity issue with this network at home.

    The behaviour is no better with my (expensive) mobile network downloading, or with the Tiny Opera browser. Yet I can get updates from the Android market!! Why can't I surf?? Any ideas welcome.

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    Reinstalling Tiny Oprea fixed the ping problem. Tiny Opera can surf. I conclude I was missing some lib.

    Thanks to the 25 of you who at least had a look.

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