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    Linux on android

    There seems to be 2 methods of doing this.

    One requires device rooting which can allegedly spank android o's and perhaps leave you with nothing and probably a void warranty. Can anyone shed any light on this

    Second method is a emulator box. Something like wxbox caught my sight. It's a single user environment. Does this mean I can't run child and parent processes concurrently?

    At present all I need is sh/bash, a c compiler or interpreter, a busybox with at least grep and sed. Python would also be nice as I know it's on my programming horizons.

    Anyone got advice, both good and bad stories would be greatfully received and read.

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    As far as I know, Android is based on Linux. If you run "adb shell" on a Linux console (Ubuntu, or whatever) and your device is rooted, you will access the root shell of your device.
    Once in shell you will be able to run commands several commands using the sym links to busybox. You can check what commands your system support by typing:
    $ ls /system/bin

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    Take a look at this:

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    LEO Privacy Guard Version 3.0 is the best to secure your devices. Have you tried it out yet?

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