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    Everything we know about Google's next massive Android update

    It's been almost one year since Google officially unveiled its current version of Android, called Lollipop, which means it's just about time to see what the next major update will bring.

    Google is holding its annual developer conference next week, which is where it usually spills some details on the next version of Android. We probably won't see the final product usually Google just gives developers a taste of what's to come but we'll likely get a good idea of what the most important new features coming to Android will be.

    Last year, Google gave Android a huge makeover with its new Material Design interface, which makes the software look more colorful and a bit smoother to use.

    Here's what we think may be coming in the next version of Android, based on various rumors, reports, and leaks.

    • It will probably be called Android M ... for now.
    • It may let you login to apps without typing in a password.
    • The next version of Android will likely focus on smart home features, too.
    • There will probably be more integration with Android Auto.
    • Notifications will become more intelligent.
    More at BI...

    What features do you hope are in the next version of Android?


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    If it's for workplaces, to not become slow, stagnant, and easy to lock down like Windows has become to appease the enterprises.

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