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    Google may release two giant Android phones this year here's everything we know about them

    Google usually launches one new smartphone under its Nexus brand per year, but this time the search giant might be planning to release two devices, according to a report from Android Police.

    Google will reportedly release one phone with a 5.2-inch screen and a separate with a 5.7-inch display. To put those sizes in perspective, a 5.2-inch phone would be slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy S6, which has a 5.1- inch screen.

    A phone with a 5.7-inch display would be a bit larger than the iPhone 6 Plus, which has a 5.5-inch screen, but the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.The smaller phone will be manufactured by LG and the larger one will be made by Huawei, the report says.

    Based on Android Police's report and a note from a Chinese analyst, here's what we know about the two phones so far:
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    Does google has launch those phones? which are those 2 phones?

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