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    Angry Why Fastboot can't see my phone :(

    I have an Android phone Huawei ascend g510 and adb can see my devices as below but fastboot cant :

    # adb devices
    List of devices attached
    4C8BEFB3DBD6 device

    # fastboot devices

    What is my problem? I used below guidance too but problem not solved

    Thank you.
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    adb devices shows you all the android devices currently running connected via usb or/and via lan

    if you want to view your devices in fastboot mode, you shoud digit
     adb -s 4C8BEFB3DBD6 reboot-bootloader && fastboot devices
    Now you should get the name of you devices that MAY differ from the name obtained through adb devices command

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    Are you rebooting the device into the bootloader and entering fastboot USB on the bootloader menu?

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