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    Wrong file size reported by Butterfly 2

    Hi there,

    I transferred some photos from my camera to the phone via wifi (Flashair SD), and then I resize them from 10M+ to about 2M with the Photo Editor (by Dev.xxxxxxxx), since my phone is almost out of space I have to delete some files, and I use the build in 'make more space' feature under the settings->storage'. In there I can see the biggest files I've on the phone and I can select to delete, I see the photos I already resized but reported as original size, I search for the photo with ES File explorer and confirmed that I've only one file in that name and already resized, but still on the settings it shows the original unrezied one, if I delete the smaller file the biggest one on the list will be cleared as well, obviously there is something wrong with the settings, I am not sure it is HTC or the photo editor to blame, most likely it is HTC, as I can see the correct size with different apps, any comment ?

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    Maybe the program isn't refreshing, and you need to restart it? Are the correct file sizes reported in a plain file browser?

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